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DOLPHIN represents the state-of-the-art for supervision systems on yachts. It is the most flexible and reliable on the market today: you can easily control all of the electric utilities on board, both by hand and automatically. But DOLPHIN is far more than a domotic system installed on a yacht: in fact it gives you feedback directly from engines, navigation instruments and generators, even on super-yachts equipped with big ships similar systems. This is the winning power of our DOLPHIN: over ten years of experience in marine automation!!

Engine control

DOLPHIN is the only system that allows to communicate directly to marine engines electronic controllers. The information gathered include engine speed, consumption, temperatures, pressures, voltages, running hours, and much more. All values are shown in graphic pages on the display, bar graphs, indicators, and data recorded in the LOG.

Utilities control

Each of the electrical utilities, whether powered by battery or alternating current, can be controlled by DOLPHIN: the relevant pages on the screen group the utilities together in various typologies and show the ON/OFF state.

All the utilities can also be SMS remotely controlled!

Lights control

The right lighting is the secret of comfort.

DOLPHIN controls the lights is each cabin, internal and external lights, and offers advanced functions for the navigation lights, essential for safety at sea.

Pumps control

A yacht is a unique environment and needs special care.

Many services are managed by machines that require constant monitoring to detect faults in advance. Bilge pumps for example, are essential to save boat against leaks and taking on unwanted water.

AC and DC electric networks control

There are two on-board electric networks: Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC). These both need to be controlled constantly in order to avoid breakdowns, overloads and faults.

DOLPHIN measures all the essential electrical parameters in DC and AC, providing all the necessary information on user-friendly synoptics.

Furthermore DOLPHIN has all the technology of big ships, so big plants can also be controlled easily and safely.

Generator control

Generators supply the needed power to maintain the high comfort and safety levels.

DOLPHIN manages the power production: from small, few kilowatts systems, to multi-generator systems with automatic parallel and load sharing; all with intuitive functions, accessible to any user.

Mooring systems control

Anchors and winches are essential for mooring. DOLPHIN monitors the the devices and lets you control the same, simply and safely.

EASYMOORE mooring system

The manoeuvres involved in mooring require attention and ability. The EASYMOORE-2 system, integrated in DOLPHIN, measures the distance from stern to quay, helping the skipper to perform the right actions when mooring. Furthermore, the EASYMOORE-4 also provides the distance from the side (port and starboard) of the boat.

Weather information

DOLPHIN measures the outdoor temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, as well as wind direction and speed, making all the information available for users. Furthermore the weather information is shown in the form of a graph letting you assess the changes in the climatic conditions.

Integrated GPS receiver and MOB function

DOLPHIN has its own GPS receiver, so it doesn’t depend on other navigation instruments. Position, speed and course data is available on all of DOLPHIN stations, on the bridge and in the owner's cabin, on palmtop and in the guests' cabin. Furthermore the MOB (Man Over Board) function helps the skipper find the point where a person fell overboard, providing the coordinates to reach, the course to follow and the distance to travel. Thanks to its own GPS system, DOLPHIN lets you know where your boat is with a simple SMS!

NMEA interface

DOLPHIN can be connected with NMEA marine standard communication equipments. Thanks to this characteristic you can integrate the rich information available with information from other equipment.

Gas and fire detection

DOLPHIN monitors the closed spaces atmosphere detecting gas or smoke, and warns you of any unexpected event. Any kind of smoke, heat or gas sensor can be connected to DOLPHIN I/O interfaces, which can also send an alarm SMS to the cell phones of one or more persons.

On-board cameras

The on-board cameras are very useful, and can be used to check access zones, reserved areas, or hidden views. All cameras can be integrated in DOLPHIN, creating a video-surveillance system. A special section of the system shows the camera images, which can be saved or sent by e-mail.


All the electrical parameters, pumps state, equipment status are constantly checked by DOLPHIN which activates alarms when faulty conditions are detected. The alarms may be sent to all of the stations (also the “wireless” station on the palmtop PC) and sent by SMS to the programmed phone numbers.


DOLPHIN records all the events that occur on-board, so you have all the past data for analysis, faultfinding or statistics. For example, you can obtain the consumption chronology, weather trend, course and position changes.


For over a decade we have been working to improve safety at sea. DOLPHIN is result of this philosophy: its several functions are at owner service to help keeping EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL.


DOLPHIN is made of reliable and strong materials and components. All the touch-panels are shock and vibrations resistant. They are equipped with solid-state memories and have no fans or any moving mechanical parts. The touch-screens are tested for over one million activations (“touches”) on each single point.

SMS remote control

The powerful remote control system that uses short text messages (Short Message Service) integrated in DOLPHIN is a unique characteristic of the system. Using preset SMS messages, you can control all of the on board utilities (lights, pumps, air-conditioning, generators, …) and receive a reply SMS that confirms the command. In this way you have full control of the systems on board your yacht from your own cell phone: you can also receive any alarms and some special information such as weather reports, GPS position, tank levels, etc.

WEB (internet) remote access

INTERNET is another resource DOLPHIN puts at the user’s disposal to access the yacht. You can connect using a GPRS modem or WLAN network. Using the WEB you can control the plants just as if you were standing in front of the MASTER station of the yacht.

"Wireless” pocket supervision

DOLPHIN includes the “wireless” management of the yacht from a palmtop PC. All of the functions available on the MASTER stations are also accessible on the portable unit, which is more than a simple remote control. It's a complete pocket supervision station.


There are several versions of DOLPHIN suitable for covering a wide variety of requirements.

MASTER15: perfect for the control station in large cockpits. The unit consists of a touch-panel with a 15-inch touch-screen and a 16 million colours display with a resolution of 1024x768. It can communicate with other MASTER, MATE or PALM units, as well as NMEA equipment and DOLPHIN I/O modules. The IP65 front protection degree guarantees a watertight unit.

MASTER12: the ideal control station in average-sized cockpits or owner's cabins. It has a 12.1-inch touch-screen, 800x600 resolution and over 250 thousand colours. It can communicate with other MASTER, MATE or PALM units, as well as NMEA equipment and DOLPHIN I/O modules. The IP65 front protection degree guarantees a watertight unit.

MATE57: the right solution for ‘client’ stations in the passenger or crew cabins, with a compact 5.7-inch touch-screen, 320x240 resolution and 256 colours. With this unit, if enabled, you have access to all of the functions of the MASTER units and some characteristics designed specifically for the MATE units.

PALM: “your boat in your pocket”. Palmtop computer connected to the other DOLPHIN units through a simple wireless interface with a minimum range of action of 20 metres. The PALM is an elegant pocket PC with a 3.2-inch screen with a 320x240 resolution and 65000 colours. It combines the greatest freedom of movement with full control of the yacht.

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