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A constant monitoring of toxic and flammable gases is a priority in maritime sectors. M.R. AUTOMATION srl plans and installs fixed gas detection systems for dry spaces (empty spaces, cabins, pump rooms) and wet spaces (ballast tanks), with centralised suction technology or distributed sensors technology. Furthermore an on-board assistance service for overhauls and calibration of analysis cells is provided. Of the known plants: Crowcon, MSA, Drager, Zellweger, ICARE, RAE, Oldham


M.R. AUTOMATION srl supplies portable gas detectors for detecting oxygen, as well as flammable and toxic gases. The laboratory can calibrate instruments very quickly thanks to the use of certified and guaranteed gas mixtures.

Calibration gases for the following instruments are usually stocked in-house::
Oxygen analysers
Explosive atmosphere analyzers
Analysers for flammable gases in inert atmospheres (Tankscope)
Analysers for toxic gases, CO and H2S

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